WWE Payback Predictions Contest

WWE Payback takes place on Sunday August 30th. You can now enter our predictions contest to show us how much you have a feel for the WWE landscape. Good luck!

Payback 2020 - Keith Lee vs Randy Orton

The Hooked On Wrestling Annual Predictions League motors on and we are on to our fifth event, Payback. Entries are now open, albeit, with little time left to put predictions in due to the short lead time.

Please note, SummerSlam scores have been calculated and we will post these along with Payback very early next week.

Here’s how you enter, whether you are playing as a one-off or as part of the annual league:

  • These questions are set at 6PM UK time on Saturday 29th August. Any changes to the card after this will NOT be factored into the contest.
  • If you entered a previous contest, please use the same name and email address if you want your scores to be carried forward.
  • Similarly, if you want to be part of the annual contest, please use your full name upon entering, not just your first name.
  • Entries close at 10PM on Sunday August 30th.
  • Only your first entry will count so please add your answers carefully.
  • As always, we will enter a ‘fan’s collective’ entry into our Hooked On staff league. This score will be reached by taking the most popular answer for each question from our public entries and submitting that into our staff league. Can you lot beat us at our own game?
New Members Seemingly Added To The Hurt Business On The Raw After WrestleMania

All good? Cool. Entry form below.


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