The Rock Endorses Dolph Ziggler Winning WWE Championship

The Rock endorses the possibility of Dolph Ziggler winning the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules however Drew McIntyre has words for The Great One.

The Rock

Dolph Ziggler challenges Drew McIntyre for the WWE championship at The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules on Sunday July 19th. In advance of this, the WWE has posted a picture on Instagram of Ziggler with the WWE Championship over his shoulder, and the caption “A glimpse into the future?”

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A glimpse into the future? @heelziggler 🤔

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One person who it seems is on board with the idea is WWE legend The Rock who replied in the comments with:

“I’d co-sign this decision 100%. Talented dude and always has a spark in his presentations”

High praise indeed, however not everyone agrees, as current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre comically responded to the Rock by using one of The Great One’s own catch phrases, politely telling him: “It doesn’t matter what you think.”

Drew also commented on the post itself, advising his employer’s social media team to “delete this“.

Previously The Rock has tipped McIntyre to be a huge star and it looks like Drew has proven him right. However it seems they disagree on this latest issue…

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