Steve Austin To Triple H: “Two Man Power Trip Ended Way Too Soon”

Whilst celebrating 3:16 day, Steve Austin and Triple H have reminisced about their many matches together including their first encounter, as well as their short-lived Power Trip.

Triple H & Steve Austin, Three Stages Of Hell

Credit: WWE

With many celebrating Steve Austin 3:16 day, and indeed the WWE Network celebrating Stone Cold Week, a number of matches have been featured on WWE’s social media.

One of those was the first contest between Austin and Triple H, which ‘The Game’ had plenty to say about.

With Austin’s social media no doubt overwhelmed today, he still managed to find time to respond to ‘The Cerebral Assassin’.

Austin commented that he remembered the match well, and also that The Two Man Power Trip ended way too soon.

We’re certainly not going to disagree with ‘Stone Cold’ on that one!


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