Roman Reigns To Return To WWE Programming…Sort Of

Roman Reigns has been confirmed to make his first WWE appearance since March when he appears this week, but not in the way most fans would hope for.

Roman Reigns

Photo Credit: WWE

Roman Reigns has been absent from WWE programming for over four months.

As soon as the true extent of the COVID-19 pandemic became clear, Reigns took the admirable decision to stay home to shield his family, including new born twins, from exposure to the deadly infection.

As a result, he was replaced is his WrestleMania Universal Title match with Goldberg by Braun Strowman and has barely been mentioned since.

Now, he will make his return to WWE programming as the WWE Network have tweeted that Reigns will be a guest on the next episode of ‘The R-Truth Game Show’ this coming Tuesday.

His opponent will be NXT superstar Drake Maverick.

If you haven’t seen this show previously, it is a fun quiz show format that is very much on the mould of its host’s on-screen personality. It’s a very entertaining watch but certainly doesn’t take itself too seriously.

There is no word on when Reigns will return to WWE’s regular weekly programming.

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