NWA Reportedly Release TV Champion Zicky Dice; Offer Releases To Anyone Else

The National Wrestling Alliance could be undergoing a huge shake-up…

Zicky Dice

Photo: NWA

According to a report by Fightful, NWA Television champion Zicky Dice has requested – and was granted – his release.

The report claims also NWA sent an email to talent that said they didn’t want anyone working with the company that didn’t believe in their vision moving forward ahead of Dice’s release.

The contract releases for NWA reportedly do not have specific instructions other than a non-disparagement clause.

Fightful added NWA has “no plans thus far” with regards to running events or any other content following the recent sexual assault allegations that surfaced against former NWA VP Dave Lagana.

Lagana stepped down from his position last week after the allegations surfaced, and Fightful report that all of the moves listed above are part of a “huge shake-up” within the company.

At the time this story was first published, NWA had not yet made any news of Dice’s release official.


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