Lana Confirms Both Parents Have Covid-19; Mother In Intensive Care

Another tough announcement for a WWE star, as Lana confirms both her parents have Coronavirus and her mother is in intensive care.


It has been a difficult time for a number of WWE roster members who have confirmed that either they or their family members have Coronavirus.

The latest of these is Lana, and the situation in this case seems rather grave.

Last night, Lana confirmed that her mother had been confirmed as having Covid-19, and is currently in intensive care.

It is not confirmed whether she was admitted with the disease or for another matter, however being admitted to intensive care, especially in the current climate, is clearly not a positive sign.

If that wasn’t tough enough, today she has confirmed that her father has also had his test returned as positive.

Her most recent Tweet is especially concerning, as she states “My parents never go outside ……. so this is just mind blowing”.

Our wishes are clearly with Lana, her extended family, and anyone suffering from the ongoing pandemic at this time.

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