Jake Roberts Gives Very Strong Opinion Of Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler

Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts has recently discussed the time he and Jerry Lawler were involved in a storyline involving drinking, and his opinion of Vince McMahon from it.

Jake Roberts

Credit: WWE

Jake Roberts may now be All Elite, but many will remember his long WWE tenure.

However, it would appear the snakeman wasn’t impressed with his treatment from company higher-ups.

In an interview with Gary Cassidy at Inside The Ropes, Roberts calls McMahon an a**hole for making him do an addiction storyline.

Well, I thought it was a horrible thing for McMahon to ask me to do. It was cheap, it was disrespectful, it didn’t prove a damn thing other than the fact that Vince McMahon’s an a**hole, so there you go. Lawler, he’s in the the same boat. Both a**holes.

The storyline with Lawler was at the same time as Roberts was dealing with his well-documented issues.

Despite still fighting his battles he is doing better, and recently quit smoking.

You know, I’ve got some issues that I have to watch, but it’s getting better all the time because I did quit smoking. That’s really hard to do. I will be around for a long time, I have grandkids I want to hang out with now. I want to make somebody else miserable, so have fun. Yeah, I’m doing much better.

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