Iconic Wrestling Documentary ‘Beyond The Mat’ Set For Netflix Release

‘Beyond The Mat’ will be released next week on Netflix. An absolute must see for any wrestling fan.

Beyond The Mat

Released in 1999, Beyond The Mat is one of the most revered and revealing wrestling documentaries of all time. And as of Thursday 1st October, it will be available to watch on Netflix in the UK & Ireland.

Directed by Barry Blaustein, the 1999 film was a true ‘warts and all’ look at the men and women involved at all levels of the wrestling business at the time.

The production had unprecedented access to WWE (including Vince McMahon himself in his own office), WCW and various independent promotions and talent. Far from glorifying the business, it shone a light on the consequence to those who don’t quite ‘make it’ and also the toll it can take on legendary performers.

For wrestling fans, it is an absolute must see. We can’t wait to get chance to devour this again next week.

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