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This weeks rounds….

  • Underdogs
  • Masked Wrestlers
  • CM Punk
  • Empty Arena Era

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3rd place is David Reid with 90%

4th place is Dickie with 85%

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Welcome to the Hooked On Wrestling Weekly Quiz for 5th June 2020.

Four Rounds. Twenty questions. Five minute time limit

[ Shane McMahon ]
Who were the first team to LOSE the tag team titles at SummerSlam?
[ Shane McMahon ]
What year was the first SummerSlam to feature a world title change?

When Shane McMahon was the European Champion, he dumped it in his bag and declared the title inactive.

Which wrestler found the title in Shane's bag and declared himself champion?

[ Shane McMahon ]

Who did Shane McMahon defeat in a Street Fight at SummerSlam 2003?

Please give the full name for the answer.

[ Shane McMahon ]
Who was the last person to defeat Shane McMahon at WrestleMania?
[ Shane McMahon ]
What was the stipulation in the match between Shane McMahon and The Miz at WrestleMania 35?
[ Masked Wrestlers ]
What was the name of Al Snow's masked character he played in WWE in the mid-90s that shared it's name with a blockbuster film released years later?
[ Royal Rumble Record Setters ]
Who was the first person in history to be eliminated from a Women's Royal Rumble?
[ Royal Rumble Record Setters ]

Who holds the record for the most eliminations in a single 30-man Royal Rumble match?

Give the full name for the answer.

[ Royal Rumble Record Setters ]

Who has appeared in the most Royal Rumble matches 
(Meaning actual Rumble matches rather than any match at Royal Rumble PPV)

[ Royal Rumble Record Setters ]
Who was the first person to eliminate more 10 or more competitors in a single Royal Rumble match?
[ Tag Team Appreciation Round ]

Which team holds the record for the longest reign as WCW Tag Team Champions?

(Clue: One of the members has also been a WWE/WWF Tag Team Champion, but his partner has not.)

[ Tag Team Appreciation Round ]

Since the WWE SmackDown tag team titles were revived in 2016, which team has spent the most cumulative days as champions?

[ Tag Team Appreciation Round ]

In 1998, The Godwinns were repackaged as bodyguards for Jeff Jarrett.

What was their new team name when they made the change?

[ Tag Team Appreciation Round ]
Which current SmackDown wrestler was Rhyno's partner when they lost to Finn Balor and Samoa Joe in the final of the first Dusty Classic tournament in 2015?
[ Tag Team Appreciation Round ]
What was the tag team name given to Haku and Andre The Giant during their reign as WWF Tag Team Champions in 1989/90?
[ SummerSlam 1992 ]

Who was the winner of the shortest match at SummerSlam 1992?

[ SummerSlam 1992 ]

Two wrestlers faced each other at SummerSlam 1992 who had previously been WWF Tag Team Champions together under their previous gimmicks.

What was the name of their tag team?

[ SummerSlam 1992 ]

Which of the following match finishes did NOT occur at SummerSlam 1992?

[ SummerSlam 1992 ]

Which wrestler's win at SummerSlam 1992 was the ONLY win on PPV in their WWF career?

[ SummerSlam 1992 ]
Of the three champions that left SummerSlam 1992 with their titles, which one of them was the last to subsequently drop that title?

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