Hooked On Wrestling Weekly Quiz: 22nd May

Take our weekly quiz right here on the Hooked On Wrestling Website. We will post a new quiz each Friday. Check our Quiz Central page for the previous week’s scores.

Take our weekly quiz right here on the Hooked On Wrestling Website. We will post a new quiz each Friday. Remember, it is just for fun but can you make it to our top 5?

This weeks rounds….

  • AEW Double Or Nothing
  • Cruiserweight Title (Post-Cruiserweight Classic Era
  • Owen Hart
  • Theme Music

The Leaderboard

1st Place is Rich Howson with 90%

2nd Place is Paul Stone with 85%

3rd place is Adam Griffiths with 85%

4th place is John Valo with 75%

5th place is Chris Mardon with 75%


Congratulations to anyone who has made the top five!

Welcome to the Hooked On Wrestling Weekly Quiz for 22nd May 2020.

Four Rounds. Twenty questions. Five minute time limit

[ Celebrities in Wrestling ]
Who was the first celebrity to take part in a singles match at WrestleMania that WASN'T the last match on the card?
1 out of 20
[ Celebrities in Wrestling ]
What was the name of the celebrity that bungled by calling SummerSlam, SUMMERFEST during his appearance as a Raw Guest Host?
2 out of 20
[ Celebrities in Wrestling ]
A running joke at WrestleMania in the late 90s was Kane assaulting Pete Rose. But what sport is Rose famous for playing?
3 out of 20
[ Celebrities in Wrestling ]
Which movie star appeared on Smackdown in 2000 and knocked HHH out cold during the main event?
4 out of 20
[ Celebrities in Wrestling ]
During the mid-1990s in WCW, NFL legend Steve McMichael became a full time part of WCW for a number of years. But which other NFL star joined WCW at the same time but played a much smaller role?
(Surname required only(
5 out of 20
[ NXT Cruiserweight Championship ]
Since the relaunch of the Cruiserweight Title after the Cruiserweight Classic tournament, two men have held the belt more than once.
Neville is one. Name the other.
6 out of 20
[ NXT Takeover ]
Up to the day this quiz was published (29th May 2020), there have been how many NXT Takeover events?
7 out of 20
[ NXT Takeover ]
Who was the first man to WIN the NXT Championship at an NXT Takeover event?
8 out of 20
[ NXT Takeover ]
Which of these men did NOT take part in the ladder match to crown the first NXT North American Champion at NXT Takeover New Orleans?
9 out of 20
[ NXT Takeover ]
NXT Takeover: Respect was the first Takeover headlined by women rather than men.
The match was Sasha Banks vs Bayley for the NXT Women's Title.
What was the stipulation?
10 out of 20
[ Kevin Owens ]

Who did Kevin Owens face in his main roster debut at WWE Elimination Chamber 2015?

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11 out of 20
[ Kevin Owens ]
Which of these titles has Kevin Owens held on the most occasions?
12 out of 20
[ Kevin Owens ]
Named after a Hart brother, what is the name of Kevin Owen's son?
13 out of 20
[ Kevin Owens ]
What was the surname Kevin Owen's used before he joined WWE?
14 out of 20
[ Kevin Owens ]
Who did Kevin Owens face in his first WrestleMania singles match?
(Full name required)
15 out of 20
[ General Knowledge ]
Who won the first ever Royal Rumble match?
16 out of 20
[ General Knowledge ]
When he debuted on the main roster, Cesaro had a christian name. What was it?
17 out of 20
[ General Knowledge ]
Who won the opening match on the main card of this year's Royal Rumble PPV?
(Full name required)
18 out of 20
[ General Knowledge ]

Pete Dunne and Matt Riddle won this year's edition of The Dusty Classic NXT Tag Team Tournament.

But who was Dunne's partner the first time he entered the tournament?

(Full name required)

19 out of 20
[ General Knowledge ]
The name of the aircraft carrier on which Lex Luger won the Yokozuna Bodyslam Challenge on 4th July 1993 was the USS...what?
20 out of 20

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