Hooked On Wrestling Weekly Quiz: 12th June 2020

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This weeks rounds….

  • Greatest Wrestling Matches
  • Backlash
  • Daniel Bryan
  • WWE’s ECW

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1st Place is Graham Munro with 95%

2nd Place is Rich Howson with 95%

3rd place is PATRICK HEAFIELD with 90%

4th place is Richard Davies with 90%

5th place is Paul Stone with 80%


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Welcome to the Hooked On Wrestling Weekly Quiz for 12th June 2020.

Four Rounds. Twenty questions. Five minute time limit

[ Mystery Partners/Opponents ]
Daniel Bryan made his return to WWE as the mystery partner to face The Nexus.

Name the missing man from that team...

Daniel Bryan, John Cena, R-Truth, Chris Jericho, Bret Hart, John Morrison and
1 out of 20
[ Mystery Partners/Opponents ]

At which WrestleMania was Yokozuna revealed as Owen Hart's mystery partner to win the tag team titles?

Give your answers in numerical form. So if you think the answer is WM6 then write 6 rather than six or VI

2 out of 20
[ Mystery Partners/Opponents ]

When The Ultimate Warrior was the mystery opponent to face the Honky Tonk Man at SummerSlam 1988, who was originally supposed to face Honky for his Intercontinental Title?

3 out of 20
[ Mystery Partners/Opponents ]
Following his turn on WCW at Bash At The Beach 1996, Hulk Hogan delivered his 'You fans can stick it' speech.

But during the speech he got the name of the NWO wrong. Instead of calling them the New World Order, he christened them the New World, what?
4 out of 20
[ Mystery Partners/Opponents ]
In December 2008 on Raw, John Cena brought in which female superstar to be his mystery partner to face Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella?
5 out of 20
[ Backlash ]
Who won the six man Hardcore Title match at Backlash 2000?
6 out of 20
[ Double Champions ]
Kurt Angle once held both the European and Intercontinental Titles simultaneously in WWE. But who did Angle take the European title from?
7 out of 20
[ Double Champions ]
Triple H became a champ-champ as part of the Two Man Power Trip with Steve Austin in 2001.

He was tag team champion and Intercontinental champion at the same time. But who did he lose the IC title to during that run before winning it back days later?
8 out of 20
[ Double Champions ]

Seth Rollins became a double champion when he beat John Cena for the US Title at SummerSlam 2015. But who did he then drop that US Title to later on?

Full name please.

9 out of 20
[ Double Champions ]
At SummerSlam 1999, Jeff Jarrett became the European and Intercontinental Champion. But who did he then gift the European title to?
10 out of 20
[ Rey Mysterio ]

Who did Rey Mysterio face in his first WWE PPV match?

11 out of 20
[ Rey Mysterio ]

Before he left WWE in 2015, who did Mysterio form a regular tag team with?

12 out of 20
[ Rey Mysterio ]

When he joined WCW, Rey Mysterio used theme music formerly used by which unlikely heavyweight wrestler?

13 out of 20
[ Rey Mysterio ]
Which then masked superstar did Mysterio wrestle at WrestleMania 27?
14 out of 20
[ Rey Mysterio ]
Who was Rey's partner when they won the WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Titles?

15 out of 20
[ The Cruiserweight Classic ]

Name either of the two competitors in the Cruiserweight Classic who had previously held the WWE Cruiserweight Title?

16 out of 20
[ The Cruiserweight Classic ]

What was the name of the tag team who's members faced each other in the first round of the Cruiserweight classic?

17 out of 20
[ The Cruiserweight Classic ]
As of the date of publication of this quiz (10th July 2020), one man that competed in the CWC currently holds a title in WWE. Who is it?
18 out of 20
[ The Cruiserweight Classic ]

Which Japanese competitor lost in the semi-final of the Cruiserweight Classic?


19 out of 20
[ The Cruiserweight Classic ]
Which current WWE superstar was a commentator for the Cruiserweight Classic?
20 out of 20

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