Hooked On Wrestling ‘Beat The Clock’ Quiz: 26th June 2020

The Hooked On Wrestling weekly quiz is here. Can you beat the clock with your 20 answers and make it onto our weekly leaderboard?

Welcome to this week’s Beat The Clock Quiz.

20 Questions – Four subjects – 5 minute time limit.

We will post a new quiz each Friday. Remember, it is just for fun but can you make it to our weekly top 5?

This weeks rounds….

  • King Of The Rings
  • Missing Triple Threat Competitors
  • Randy Orton
  • Champions of 2020

The Leaderboard

1st Place is Terry with 95%

2nd Place is Danny Steele with 80%

3rd place is Richard Davies with 75%

4th place is Patrick Heafield with 75%

5th place is Paul Stone with 70%


Congratulations to anyone who has made the top five!

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Four Rounds - Twenty questions - Five minute time limit

[ Who won...? ]
Who Won...

The first match on a King Of The Ring PPV?
1 out of 20
[ Who won...? ]

Who won...

The first ever match on WCW Monday Nitro?

Full name for the answer please.

2 out of 20
[ Who won...? ]

Who won...

The first Royal Rumble where the official prize was a title match at WrestleMania?

3 out of 20
[ Who won...? ]
Who won...

The SECOND Elimination Chamber match?
4 out of 20
[ Who won...? ]
Who Won...

The final of the NXT Championship tournament in 2012?

Please give the wrestler's full name.
5 out of 20
6 out of 20
[ Sheamus ]
In what type of gimmick match did Sheamus win his first WWE Championship?
7 out of 20
[ Sheamus ]

When Sheamus won the Royal Rumble in 2012, who did he last eliminate to secure victory?

Give the full name for the answer.

8 out of 20
[ Sheamus ]

Which partially CGI character did Sheamus play in the movie 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows'

9 out of 20
[ Sheamus ]
What was the name of the faction that consisted of Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Rusev and Alberto Del Rio?
10 out of 20
[ Submission Finishers ]

What was the first WrestleMania where the main event (Last match) was won by submission?

Please give a numeric answer. So if the answer is 4, please write 4 rather than IV or four.

11 out of 20
[ Submission Finishers ]

What was the name of the submission finisher used by Doink The Clown in his original heel run?

12 out of 20
13 out of 20
[ Submission Finishers ]
Which former NXT Women's Champion used a submission finisher called the PTO?
14 out of 20
[ Submission Finishers ]
The STF is a famous finisher used by many wrestlers over the years.

But what does STF stand for?
(Answer contains three words)
15 out of 20
[ SummerSlam ]

What was the first year in which SummerSlam was headlined by a one-on-one non-gimmick singles match?

16 out of 20
[ SummerSlam ]

Which wrestler has taken part in eight SummerSlam main events, more than any other individual?

Full name please.

17 out of 20
[ SummerSlam ]

At SummerSlam 1998, who was in X-Pac's corner for his hair vs. hair match against Jeff Jarrett?

18 out of 20
[ SummerSlam ]

Which arena has hosted more SummerSlam PPVs than any other?

19 out of 20
[ SummerSlam ]
With a record of 0-7 at SummerSlam, which superstar has lost the most matches at SummerSlam without tasting a single victory?
20 out of 20

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