Freddie Flintoff and Tom Davis – Future NXT:UK Tag Team?!

Freddie Flintoff and Tom Davis are seemingly keeping an eye on NXT:UK, and would be ready to take on a “couple of melters”.


NXT:UK have been producing weekly content on the WWE Network, and have recently signed a number of new talents.

It seems now two celebrities would be very interested in stepping inside the squared circle!

Former cricketer and A League Of Their Own host Freddie Flintoff has tweeted that he was watching this week’s episode.

He also tagged comedian Tom Davis, suggesting they could become a tag team.

Flintoff continued to Tweet during the show, including saying that one match included a “couple of melters”.

Tom Davis has responded, coming up with his own idea of what tag team they could be like.

It would certainly make for an incredible – albeit unlikely – celebrity crossover.

However, since Flintoff has now said he wouldn’t even beat the ref (and one of them has even called him out) it seems like this may be in the realms of fantasy.

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