Exclusive: The Last Ride Chapter 3 Preview Clip

The third chapter of ‘The Last Ride’ drops on the WWE Network on Sunday 24th May. We have an exclusive sneak preview of the series offering never before seen access to The Undertaker.

Photo Credit: WWE

Has there ever been a more anticipated WWE show than ‘The Last Ride’ that doesn’t involve a wrestling ring and a live production?

No. The answer is a simple and firm no.

The first two episodes (sorry, chapters) of this incredible documentary have aired to universal praise. To have so much access to The Undertaker, the most protected character in WWE history has just blown the minds of fans all over the world.

Sunday sees the release of the next episode in the series and it will follow ‘Taker in what was frankly, a woeful period of matches in Saudi Arabia and Australia involving fellow older legends HHH, Shawn Michaels, Kane and most infamously, Goldberg.

Having seen how the man behind the character, Mark Calaway, reacted to a below-par match at WrestleMania against Roman Reigns, it will be fascinating to see how he carries himself after a series of what can be diplomatically described as utterly dreadful matches.

Thanks to the lovely folk at WWE, we have an exclusive preview clip ahead of the episode dropping on the WWE Network on Sunday 24th May. The clip below sees Calaway training for his upcoming match against HHH, billed as the last time these two icons will meet in the ring. Check it out below.

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Credit: WWE

‘The Last Ride’ is a special event series available exclusively on WWE Network. Register now for a free 30 day trial here.


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