Eric Bischoff Not Interested In AEW Creative Role

Easy E has spoken on his latest podcast of his admiration for what Tony Khan and the AEW roster are doing – and why he isn’t interested in going there in a creative role.

Eric Bischoff

After appearing as moderator for the debate between Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy last week on AEW Dynamite, Eric Bischoff has been quick to distance himself from a potential creative role with the company.

Easy E spoke on his latest 83 Weeks podcast on the fact that AEW doesn’t need him, and he doesn’t want to return to a creative position anyway.

First of all, they don’t need me, so why would anybody hire me for a position they don’t need? They’re not going to do that, they’re on a roll, AEW is on a roll, they don’t need Eric Bischoff backstage or certainly in creative. They don’t need it. They’re doing just fine. And I have no interest in it if they did, I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to get involved in creative. I have no desire. But do you think for a second that if I did, in some twisted way, want to weasel my way back into a creative control kind of environment, or creative process environment, you think anybody in AEW would go, ‘Hey, that’s a good idea.’ So relax, folks.

In his first return to TNT since his WCW days, Bischoff awarded the debate to Orange Cassidy, angering Jericho in the process.

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However, Bischoff also spoke on the podcast of the camaraderie backstage, with wrestlers looking to advance both themselves and others.

When I went backstage at AEW two weeks ago, the first thing I noticed was, ‘Wow, these guys are actually having fun laying their shit out, these guys are actually having fun trying to figure out how to lay a match out in a way that not only entertains the audience, obviously, but advances their story… It’s like, these guys are working hard to get each other over, they’re not just working hard to get themselves over, which you have to do, but when you get to that point and you’re coming at it with a frame of mind that, ‘OK, how can I make my opponent look better than me,’ and your opponent is looking to do the same thing, that’s when the magic happens.

Easy was also very enamoured by the attitude and work ethic of Tony Khan, speaking highly of why the AEW Owner is in such a strong position.

Tony’s not just the guy with the chequebook. Tony’s not just a guy with a chequebook that’s also a big fan. Tony’s the guy with the chequebook who is a big fan who is also a good producer. And more importantly, loves producing. Therein lies the magic. His passion in the product.

With thanks to 411 Mania for the transcription.


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