Drew McIntyre Face To Face With Goldberg On RAW

The WWE Champion & challenger square up, take turns to deliver a Spear and a Claymore ahead of Sunday’s Royal Rumble.

Drew McIntyre & Goldberg

Credit: WWE

RAW this week opened with the returning Drew McIntyre making his way to the ring and talking about his positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

He mentions that he suffered from fatigue and lost his sense of smell, but now he is 100% and ready to defend his WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble against Goldberg. Also, the WWE Champion said that he will be ‘dedicating the match to anyone who had, or currently has, this horrible virus.’

The Miz and John Morrison interrupt and tell McIntyre that either himself or Goldberg could end up injured in the match leaving then a ‘sitting duck’ for Miz to cash in his Money in the Bank contract, and then Goldberg himself marches to the ring.

With Miz and Morrison on the apron, Goldberg squares up to McIntyre in the ring and says: ‘You. Me. Sunday. You’re next.’ The heels run their mouths on the microphone on the outside but are swiftly brought into the ring with Drew and Goldberg working together. This is followed by a Spear from Goldberg to the Miz and McIntyre hitting the Claymore on Morrison.


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