Cody Announces He Has The Rhodes Name Back Following AEW Dynamite

Cody Rhodes took to the mic after AEW Dynamite went off the air this week to share the news that he has been looking forward to for years.

'The American Nightmare' Cody

Credit: AEW

Yesterday we covered the news that AEW President Cody Runnels would no longer be prevented from using the famous Rhodes name on screen in the promotion and beyond following the expiration of WWE’s trademark claim on the name.

After last night’s episode of AEW Dynamite, where he teamed with The Gunn Club to face The Dark Order, Cody took to the mic to announce his landmark news to the smattering of fans in attendance. He said:

“As of this morning, I no longer just have one name. Whether Justin Roberts says it, or not. It feels really good to be Cody Rhodes, again!”

His wording in the above quote suggests it might not become his official name in AEW right away but the option is clearly now there for him to once again share a screen name with his revered Hall Of Fame father, Dusty Rhodes.

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