Bobby Lashley Wants Brock Lesnar, Calls Riddle A ‘Brock Wannabe’

Bobby Lashley has once again called out Brock Lesnar, saying he’ll take him on ‘whenever, wherever’.

Bobby Lashley & Brock Lesnar

Responding to a fan on Twitter, Bobby Lashley is once again letting everyone know he wants a match with The Beast, Brock Lesnar.

The CEO of The Hurt Business is currently in a feud with Riddle and took him out easily this week on RAW but it seems far from over

After the match Riddle called out MVP and defeated him by disqualification due to interference from Lashley.

Brock Lesnar hasn’t been seen in WWE since losing the WWE Championship to Drew McIntyre at Wrestlemania back in April.

As has been seen before, the Beast turns up when and how he wants, and if he felt the match with Lashley was the right opportunity he’d no doubt be back on our screens.

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