Another SmackDown Star Rumoured To Be Making Move To Raw

A number of rumours have been floating around recently of various WWE superstars moving between Raw & SmackDown. Now another recently absent name has been added to the list of reported moves.

Raw Entrance

Photo Credit: WWE

As WWE begins to look towards both a post-pandemic way of working and a new creative set up across their main roster shows, more and more roster moves are being rumoured to be taking place.

Mustafa Ali has already had his profile moved from SmackDown to Raw, despite not being on TV in 2020. AJ Styles has made the move in the opposite direction in some fashion; winning the Intercontinental Championship and contesting highly praised matches against Daniel Bryan and Matt Riddle.

The Wrestlevotes Twitter account has recently reported on rumours that Dolph Ziggler will be moved to Raw in the coming weeks and now his tag team partner is rumoured to be making the blue to red jump, according to Ringside News.

Robert Roode has been on SmackDown since October last year when he and Ziggler moved from Raw in the 2019 Draft. However, being a citizen and resident of Canada, Roode has been unable to travel out of his home country since March and has therefore been absent from television.

With restrictions beginning to ease around the world, it should not be long before he is able to be used again and it sounds like he will be returning to a different brand when he does.

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As with all rumours and plans, these should not be treated as gospel until we see confirmation on screen.


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