Adam Cole & Undisputed Era Heading To The Main Roster? Maybe Not…

Whilst it feels like The Undisputed Era’s time in NXT is drawing to a close, there may be obstacles in the way of a WWE main roster promotion.

Undisputed Era

Photo Caption: WWE

403 days.

That was the length of the mammoth NXT title reign of Adam Cole that was ended on Wednesday night by North American Champion Keith Lee in the main event of The Great American Bash.

It was hard to argue against Cole’s reign being the greatest in NXT history and with that clean as a whistle loss, it would seem to be an optimum time to bring both he and his Undisputed Era cohorts to either Raw or Smackdown.

It makes sense. But it might not be that simple.

Tom Colohue at Sportskeeda reports that whilst there is certainly an appetite to bring the faction up to the main roster, not all of the members are so keen to leave the black and gold brand.

According to Colohue, one of more of Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong may take some convincing to make the leap, due to the perception of an increased risk of COVID-19 infection whilst taking part in the Performance Center taping schedule.

Photo Credit: WWE

Whilst this all remains speculation at this point, from a character perspective, it is certainly time for a change for what many believe to be the best faction in wrestling. A promotion to the main roster does seem like the most logical step, it would also make a huge amount of sense to have UE embark on an NXT babyface run before they make the leap.

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The fans have been dying to cheer them, Cole in particular, almost since their arrival in the company. And it would seem something of a shame if those loyal NXT fans were not rewarded with the opportunity to ‘officially’ get behind the squad, if even for a short while.

We will see how this all plays out in the coming weeks.


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