HOW To Be Great….Undertaker’s Best Non-WrestleMania Match

Paul & Rob are back with this week’s HOW To Be Great, looking at the best WWE matches of The Undertaker to take place away from WrestleMania

As part of our UnderTakeover Weekender, Paul & Rob have this week concentrated on The Deadman himself.

Everyone knows he is famous for his ‘The Streak’ at WrestleMania and in particular, some of the wonderful matches he has had on that stage.

But what about his other wonderful matches held away from WrestleMania?

Paul and Rob look at the best in his career and narrow down what they think are the best five of those. Why don’t you listen to the podcast and then vote on the poll at the bottom of this page to tell us which you think is the best of the lot.

The podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and on iTunes as a ‘warts and all’ video podcast on YouTube. Links below to Spotify and YouTube.

Reach out to us on Twitter at @HO_Wrestling to Paul (@PaulBHOW) or Rob (@robmcnichol) directly.

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This week's 'HOW To Be Great' Poll Question - 'What was The Undertaker's best non-WrestleMania match?'
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