HOW Mania: WWE WrestleMania Memories

Paul and Ash are back, examining some of their favourite WrestleMania moments of the 90’s on the latest HOW Mania podcast.

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We are firmly on the road to WrestleMania and when the big event comes round in April, unless we see Todd Pettengill dressed like Captain Jack Sparrow swinging down from a pirate ship to interview Drew McIntyre, we riot!

Join Ash Rose and Paul Benson for our first of three dedicated 90s WrestleMania episodes.

This week we take a general look back at the events in the 90s.

  • How did they change through the decade?
  • What were the high points?
  • What are their favourite memories?

As many of us grew up as WrestleMania grew up through the 90s, we often use the event as a measuring stick not just in wrestling but in our lives in general.

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