HOW Mania: Survivor Series Of The 90s Part One (1990-1994)

Ash and Paul delve in to ‘The Turkey Day Tradition’ and discuss some of the greatest Survivor Series teams of the early 90s.

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Episode seven of HOW Mania: The 90s Wrestling Podcast is here and this week, Ash and Paul jump in their metaphorical phone box for a far from Bogus Journey back to the Survivor Series PPVs in the first half of the decade.

Beloved by some, forgotten by others, these Survivor Series PPVs in the first half of the decade are choc full of unique matches, huge stars and historic happenings. Most importantly, they are So. Much. Fun!

The boys chew over some of the greatest teams of the early decade, why it isn’t a proper Survivor Series team unless it has a name, whether it should be four or five on a team and most importantly, would Mr Blobby have made a good member of a 90s pop culture Survivor Series team???

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