HOW Mania: Knickerbocker Glory – The Story Of The WWE 1992 Royal Rumble

Ash and Paul are back as they wipe the tears from their eyes to dissect the 1992 Royal Rumble match in the latest HOW Mania podcast.

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It is Royal Rumble week and for two 90s wrestling nerds with a podcast to record, that means only one thing…Royal Rumble 1992.

With a tear….in our eye…

This is the greatest Royal Rumble match of not just the 90s but of all time.

Ash and Paul take a look back at the event and dissect the match itself.

Who do you think the top three longest entrants in the match were? Probably not the three you would guess!

Because WCW: WrestleWar 1991 w/ Dave Bradshaw

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