Hot Tag Wrestling: NXT TakeOver Preview And Tag Team Chat

Hot Tag Wrestling’s latest podcast looks back at Clash Of Champions, looks forward to NXT TakeOver, and discusses legendary tag teams.

There is a lot to unpack in the world of pro wrestling this week and Justin C and “The Chairman” Steven Vincent are here this week to talk all about it.

They start by recapping WWE Clash of Champions. Is Roman Reigns the best character the WWE has had in a long time? And how good was the opening ladder match?

After that they preview NXT TakeOver and give their thoughts and predictions. Will the Gargano household have two titles after Sunday? And is it a breakout night for Kyle O’Reilly?

With the recent passing of Road Warrior Animal, Justin and The Chairman finish the show talking tag teams. Who is the tag team of the 90s? How about the 2000s? And the most overrated and underrated, Justin and The Chairman cover it all!

Listen to “WWE Clash, NXT Takeover Preview, Tag Teams and More!” on Spreaker.


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