Hot Tag: Road To WrestleMania & Over/Underrated WrestleManias

On the latest Hot Tag Wrestling podcast, the trio discuss how things are progressing with this year’s WrestleMania, as well as assessing the most over and underrated performances over the years.

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On this week’s Hot Tag Wrestling Podcast, Justin C, Cam and “The Chairman” Steven Vincent give their thoughts on the Road to WrestleMania.

The picture has become a little more clear over recent days. What is the end game of the Fiend/Randy Orton/Alexa Bliss story? Was Edge winning the Royal Rumble a mistake? Listen to find out.

The guys also bring back the overrated/underrated game, and give their thoughts on the following when it comes to the history of WrestleMania:

  • Celebrity performance
  • World title match
  • Overall performer
  • Overall WrestleMania show
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