Because WCW: The 20th Anniversary Of The End Of WCW

Although it isn’t the right word to use, Dean and Liam “celebrate” the sale of WCW two decades ago in the latest Because WCW podcast, looking at what happened in the company’s final months.

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It was indeed an entire two decades ago on this very day that World Championship Wrestling staged its final live event, the ‘series finale’ edition of Monday Nitro, from Panama City Beach, Florida.

This poignant landmark has prompted Dean and Liam to reflect back on the final few months of the company, whether Eric Bischoff could have truly turned things around with Fusient if he had a TV network to back him and whether WWE could have at the very least done something more meaningful with their new assets.

Plus, we read out YOUR ideas for how the planned return PPV under Fusient, The Big Bang set for May 6, 2001, should have been handled!


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Because WCW: Nitro Watchalong, Episode 40

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