Because WCW: Christmas Special With Findlay Martin

Dean and Liam are joined by renowned wrestling journalist Fin Martin for a festive Q&A about all things WCW.

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Dean and Liam bring you a festive edition of Because WCW answering YOUR WCW-related questions… with a special guest joining their panel.

Former two-time guest of the show and editor of famed British wrestling publication Power Slam for its 20-year run from 1994 to 2014, Findlay Martin, offered his expertise and insight as our devoted listeners fired away about everything from how we’d book things differently to what happened behind the scenes to whether or not we’d prefer to make sweet love to either ’93 WCW or ’93 WWF.

Which World Championship Wrestling names would Dean, Liam and Fin invite over for Christmas dinner?

TUNE INTO NITRO- erm, this episode of Because WCW, to find out!


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