3 Beers Deep: WCW Monday Nitro 13th November 1995

Justin and Heather found an episode of WCW Nitro where Hulk Hogan is holding a sword in the Network thumbnail. Find out what they made of it as they went 3 Beers Deep.

It’s WCW Nitro week over at Hooked on Wrestling, so naturally Justin C and Heather watched an episode of Monday Nitro for this week’s 3 Beers Deep Wrestling Podcast!

Pre-nWo 1995/1996 won out on this week’s poll. As Justin and Heather decided on what episode to watch, they stumbled upon a thumbnail for the 13th November 1995 episode on the WWE Network with Hulk Hogan and a sword. So that was the episode they chose. And to the surprise of Justin and Heather, this turned out to be a great show!

Some great wrestling takes place with Sting vs Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit vs Kensuke Sasaki, Macho Man vs Meng and Eddie Guerrero vs Johnny B Badd. And why did Hulk Hogan have a sword? Listen to find out!

Listen to “3 Beers Deep Wrestling Podcast: WCW Monday Nitro 11/13/1995” on Spreaker.


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