3 Beers Deep Undertaker Special: Raw, 26 April 1999

3 Beers Deep returns and, as part of Undertaker Weekend, Justin C and Heather take a look at The Black Wedding from April 1999.

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As part of Undertaker Weekend, Justin C and Heather cracked open some beers for this week’s 3 Beers Deep Wrestling Podcast (as is tradition) and watched WWF RAW from April 26, 1999. What is the significance of this episode when it comes to The Undertaker?

Well, its the Black Wedding!

That’s right folks. Despite crossing state lines and not getting the FBI involved, The Undertaker has kidnapped Stephanie McMahon and plans to force her to¬†marry him!

Vince McMahon decides to try to handle things on his own. And knowing the result of the angle, the signs are there that Vince was involved the entire time.

We also see the start of The Rock’s face turn that would launch him into stardom. Justin and Heather question what anyone ever saw in Billy Gunn and why he ever received a push. Plus who is the best member of the Mean Street Posse?

Listen to “3 Beers Deep Wrestling Podcast: WWF RAW 4/26/1999” on Spreaker.


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