3 Beers Deep: ECW Guilty As Charged 2000 Part Two

Justin C and Heather take a look at the second half of ECW’s Guilty As Charged 2000, as the 3 Beers Deep podcast also gets a new introduction from an ECW legend.

Justin C and Heather are back to finish off their review of ECW Guilty as Charged 2000 on this week’s edition of the 3 Beers Deep Wrestling Podcast!

Last week we saw what ECW might have become if it lasted past 2001, with some good wrestling in the first part of the show. This week, we saw ECW originals go at it with New Jack having a brawl only he is known for. Tommy Dreamer and Raven teaming up? Yep that happened. Sabu and RVD battle for the TV title and Mike Awesome tosses Spike Dudley around in the main event.

A special shout out to the Sandman for the new intro to the show! 

Listen to “3 Beers Deep Wrestling Podcast: ECW Guilty As Charged Part 2” on Spreaker.

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