Hooked On Wrestling

Meet The Team

Paul Benson

Ringmaster of Hooked On Wrestling, wannabe quizmaster and closet Papa Shango fan.

Liam Happe
Features Editor

Liam has a wealth of sports journalism experience in wrestling and MMA, previously working as a senior content editor for Yahoo Sports and Eurosport.

Chris Hatch
News Editor
The hardest working man in British Wrestling. The glue that keeps many promotions ticking. Chris Hatch...Referee, MC and now Hooked On Wrestling's Assistant Editor.
Rob McNichol
Columnist & Podcast Host

Rob is a wrestling journalist of 12 years, podcast host, MC and one of only two Hooked On Wrestling originals.

Ash Rose
Columnist & Podcast Host

Ash is a wrestling journalist and podcast host with over a decade of experience. He is the editor of WWE Kids Magazine, co-host of The Gorilla Position and has several published sports books.

Dean Ayass
Columnist & Podcast Host

One of the most recognisable and respected names in British wrestling through over the last 20 years. The Twisted Genius has acted as hated heel manager, colour commentator, MC, writer and podcast host. He also once managed Terry Funk he tells us....regularly!

Matt Arnold
Chief Designer

Matt is the owner of Deckchair Design, the wonderful creative agency we have worked with for a number of years.

Matt has joined the website team as our chief designer, responsible for our artwork, graphics and branding across our website and social media.

Leanne Marie
Leanne Marie is a broadcast journalist and host. She also co-commentated the largest ever all-female PPV in Europe at the historic York Hall, and later, became the first female non-guest solo commentator in BritWres. She now leads the first ever full time all-female BritWres commentary team in Glasgow, Scotland. 
DJ Stevie C

DJ, referee, quality assurance technician, bus driver, American football coach. Wrestling fan since the age of six, referee & backstage five years for the FWA, Hooked On homeboy, DJ for three decades, likely to never take anything too seriously.

Jason Auld
Mike Paul

Writer, voice actor, LetsPlay gamer, wrestling fan since the early '90s.

Justin Czerwonka
Justin C is a wrestling of almost 30 years. He has been the operator of HotTagWrestling.com for almost 10 years and the host of the Hot Tag Wrestling and 3 Beers Deep Wrestling Podcasts.
Lewis Brown

Our resident armchair booker. His favourite wrestler is Kenny Omega, his favourite match is Sami Zayn vs Shinsuke Nakamura at NXT Takeover, Dallas and his guilty wrestling pleasure is 'Freshly Squeezed' Orange Cassidy. 

Dane 'Kaos' Nielsen
A keen writer who has ghost written numerous articles for various sites, including WhatCulture, covering a variety of topics, mainly wrestling. A twice published author and regularly performs work alongside the group, Emerging Voices in Grimsby.
Marc Hemingway

Accomplished marathon runner, published author (one whole short story) and life long wrestling fan. Can finish a Rubik's cube in under 90 seconds!

Joe Kennard
A man of good taste, his favourite wrestler is Shawn Michaels. Proudest moment as a wrestling fan: In the front row for AJ Styles' historic WWE Championship win in Manchester in November 2017!
Leanne Culverhouse

Holding down the fort for Welsh Hooked On Wrestling events, Leanne is a wrestling fan of over 20 years. Can always be seen ringside at NXT UK Takeovers.

Chris Pereira
News Reporter/Columnist

Favourite Wrestler: Bret Hart,

Favourite Match: Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 13

Favourite Event: Wrestlemania X-7

Proudest moment: Being ringside for Kofi-Mania at Wrestlemania 35.

Wrestling Guilty Pleasure: Miz and Morrison's Music Career

James 'Jester' Dee
News Reporter/Columnist

James has been a fan of wrestling since he first watched Triple H Pedigree Catus Jack onto a shedload of thumbtacks back in 2000.
Loves Science - Lives Heavy Metal.

The real reason why we have him on the team? His great big bushy beard!

Chris Napier
News Reporter/Columnist

Chris Napier lives in Glasgow,with his wife, sons and a head full of utter nonsense! Growing up with Hulkamania and coming of age with the Attitude era shaped his love of wrestling. Most of all he loves wrestling for the stories, but also for the joy of watching great big people beat up other great big people.

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