H.O.W PPV Predictions Contests

Welcome to the page to keep tabs on our annual PPV predictions contests. We will run a contest for each WWE, NXT and AEW PPV that you can enter the week before each show. If you entered one previously, you can catch up with the results here.

If you want to enter the annual league, it’s never too late. Have a look at the rules at the bottom of the page and jump into the latest contest. If you want to just play as a one off, that’s fine too.

Our next predictions contest will be WWE SummerSlam. The contest will go live on Thursday 20th August. If you wish to have an email notification when this happens, please add your name to our Predictions League specific mailing list here.

Below are the updated annual league tables for both the HOW team and for the readers league. The staff table is up to date with Backlash results. The public table will be updated later today.

Hooked On Staff League Table

 NamePlayedQuestions correctPercentageTotal Leage Points
1)The Fans (Collective)48258.57%31
3)John Canton (Guest Entrant)36042.86%26
4)Paul Benson47654.29%25
5)DJ Stevie47452.86%25
6)Jason Auld47654.29%24
7)Leanne Culverhouse35539.29%23
8)Justin C36647.14%22
9)Lewis Brown35337.86%21
10)Joe Kennard24230.00%17
11)Marc Hemingway34632.86%11
12)Leanne Marie12517.86%8
13)Mike Paul11913.57%8
14)Rob McNichol11611.43%6
16)Ash Rose11712.14%3

Fan League Table

Danny Lay60
Daniel Stockwell57
Chris the Swan54
Adam brooks52
Christopher Middleton52
Dan French51
Ian Dawson51
Jay winsor51
Mark Hoeppner51
Fred Cartwright50
Mark Kingston50
Brayden A49
Andy Keenan47
Craig patterson47
Francis Reyes47
Joshua Chapman47
Neil Stewart45
Tess Dowling45
Kevin thomas43
Ashley Lowe42
Mark Townsend40
David butterworth39
Nikhil kalhan38
Will 'The Will' Bollen38
Daryl Wilkinson37
That Kieran B37
Chris kershaw36
Anthony Davies35
David Reid35
Kyle Allan34
Tom Wells34
Dan Greenwood33
Chris Mardon32
Daniel Hurley32
Matt Steen32
Stephen Gorman32
Thomas Smith32
Gary Bowman31
Pip Pov31
Martin Spargo30
Alan Coker29
Denis O'Reilly29
Josh Klein29
Malcolm Marr29
Rhys Klein29
Martin Lay28
Steven McAuley28
Jobe Townsend25
Mark Burchett-Vass25
David Mathieson23
Sarah Newsom23
Sean W23
James Barnes22
Louis James21
Mark Farley21
Mark Stephen21
Pat cryer21
Adam Farrand20
Billy flaherty20
Esteban Garcia20
Joe Speak20
Liam Roche20
Patrick Baker20
Sam Caley20
Chris Webb19
Dan Guest19
J Duvall19
Jack Denton19
Keith Tarry19
Kevin butchart19
Kris Prowse19
Mike Edwards19
Patrick Heafield19
Springboard Attitude Adjustment19
Stuart Woodmansey19
Adam Howes18
alex awesome18
Callum Hickey-Carson18
Chris Simpson18
David Woollin18
James Marsh18
James Rowson18
Josh chadwick18
Martyn Roan18
Paul Yorke18
Tom Bates18
Will wrightson18
Adam Darling17
Alan Morton17
Blair Morris17
Hayley Smith17
Matt hawkins17
Shaun O'Flaherty17
Stephen Bradley17
Terry Magowan17
Andy Good16
Anthony Bolt16
Craig Brady16
Jason Norris16
Max suter16
Rajeshwaran S16
Richard Davies16
Robert Picken16
Anthony Rieger15
David Crawford15
Jimi Murphy15
John Sly15
Matt Barber15
Michael Hocking15
Owen Fothergill15
Ross Southall15
Sean robbins15
Dusty Williams14
Jon Wright14
Kris Montgomery14
Lee Hall14
Liam Engel14
Matt Berry14
Michael Mcmillan14
Nathan King14
Chris Johnson13
Craig Aldridge13
Darren Lovett13
Dave Woollin13
Katie Dryburgh13
The executioner13
Chris Huxley12
David Jamieson12
Hannah Withey12
Kerr McKinlay12
Luke Hartshorn12
Matt Steen12
Ross Holly12
Chris Gummersall11
Dan Samme11
Danny Frankish11
John McDonagh11
Mike Freeman10
Paul Robson10
Robert Chenery10
Thomas Clarke10
Gary hayes9
James Conway9
Lewis Jepson9
Lee Robertson8
Rob Wallace7

PPV Predictions League: The Rules

  • Each month, in the week before a PPV we will opening a contest to make your predictions on winners of each announced match and other bits and pieces to happen on the PPV. To enter, simply submit your score. The entry form will be on this page on our website.
  • We will keep track of the monthly scores on a league table and announce the winner after the last contest which will be WrestleMania 37! This contest is just for fun and naturally, bragging rights forever!
  • In addition, there will be a separate league for the Hooked On Wrestling team who will compete against each other across the year. They will be joined by two extra entries in this league. They are….
  • THE FANS: We will enter the most popular answers to each question as a fan entry in this league. For instance, if 200 of you enter our contest and the match is Edge vs The Fiend, if 101 of you say Edge will win, that will be the answer submitted by ‘The fans’ for that question.
  • SPECIAL GUEST: Each month we will ask a wrestler or wrestling journalist to add their predictions to our PPV Prediction column. Their score will be the ‘VIP Guest’ score for that month.

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